Thursday, February 3, 2011


Well, a lot has happened since my last post. Quizno's closed, so I lost my job (again), I had an uncle pass away (R.I.P., Matt) and, of course, Thanksgiving and Christmas. Thanksgiving was fun, had family over, as well as Christmas. I really love being able to socialize with my loved ones. :)

Then there's this year. I got promoted to shift leader at work and was the working on becoming the closing manager when two weeks ago I received the news my uncle passed away. Then, last Wednesday I got the news the store I was working at was closing. Wonderful week, huh?

I'll be going in for an interview tomorrow at YESCO signs, where my brother-in-law works for a position checking signs around town for troubleshooting. Also, I'm going to start a new blog whenever I can access a computer (doing this from my phone) for the book I've been writing, due to a conversation I had with my cousins while at the luncheon following my uncle's funeral. (I reeeeally don't wanna write out my book on my phone.)

Tuesday, October 12, 2010


Wow. I started this back in April, thinking it'd me like a web jornal, and here it is October with my second post. >.<

Anyway, a lot has happened; I was let go from my job at Lin's because I was off on my till too many times back in July, however, I did get a new job at the Quizno's that opened back up a week and a half ago. I really enjoy it there, and I get along really well with all of my coworkers.

I've also started attending a Singles Ward instead of my Parent's home ward, and that has been very enjoyable. My second week there I received a very fiting calling: Ward Music Chair. I've felt very welcome and have enjoyed every minute of beng part of this ward family.

Well, that's the past little while in a nutshell; If there are any holes you're curious about, comment your question and I'll answer it!

Saturday, April 17, 2010

New Arrival...

I'm looking around for some kind of blog hazing ritual group... since I don't see one, I guess I'm safe. *whew*

I figured that, since many of my friends, including my two sisters have blogs, I might as well start my own! Now to figure out where to start, especially since I'm writing this at work and only have about ten minutes left on my break ^.^ sheesh, this is frustrating on my phone. It doesn't shoe the cursor so I have to start typing random stuff if I lose where I am, then delete it and start over. Anyways, I may as well lay down some ground rules: please refrain from anything youb would not see in a Disney movie when commenting, I'd like to be able to not go through deleting comments on my own blog. Any topic is open discussion. I don't care if you disagree with me as long as you can voice your own opinions in a civil manner. Now, to the fun stuff!

My sister that lives in Georgia just recently (as in a few days ago) left to return home after a week-and-a-half visit to us here in St. George. It was so nice to have almost the entire family here for Easter, and I had so much fun with her kids!

My other sister lives in Bloomington, not far from us, and my two older brothers live and work in Las Vegas. Despite how spread apart we are, I will always love my family, and will relish any opportunity to spend time with them.