Thursday, February 3, 2011


Well, a lot has happened since my last post. Quizno's closed, so I lost my job (again), I had an uncle pass away (R.I.P., Matt) and, of course, Thanksgiving and Christmas. Thanksgiving was fun, had family over, as well as Christmas. I really love being able to socialize with my loved ones. :)

Then there's this year. I got promoted to shift leader at work and was the working on becoming the closing manager when two weeks ago I received the news my uncle passed away. Then, last Wednesday I got the news the store I was working at was closing. Wonderful week, huh?

I'll be going in for an interview tomorrow at YESCO signs, where my brother-in-law works for a position checking signs around town for troubleshooting. Also, I'm going to start a new blog whenever I can access a computer (doing this from my phone) for the book I've been writing, due to a conversation I had with my cousins while at the luncheon following my uncle's funeral. (I reeeeally don't wanna write out my book on my phone.)